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When it comes to buy a van, Sell Us Your Van offers a great deal to all our customers.

After a price has been agreed to buy your van, you won’t need to worry about bringing your van to us. Unlike other websites not only do we buy a van BUT we will collect your van from your premises at no charge to yourself, even if it’s a non-runner!

Also you get the cash by direct transfer or even in money, before the van leaves your premises.

We Buy Any Van

When you sell a van, it can be very stressful. We cut out the cost of advertising, the hassle of waiting for potential customers who do not turn up and we guarantee we buy a van once prices have been agreed.

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At Sell us your Van we like to be fair and offer the best possible deal to our Customers as we appreciate you have spent your hard earnt money on your purchase.

When we buy a van we also offer some tips to maximise your cash offer.

  • Valet your van inside and out to enhance first impressions
  • If any tyres are low on tread replace them with new or good second hand ones.
  • If you have warning lights, try to find the fault as to someone who is going to buy a van these can be a warning that something is very wrong.
  • Sell your van with a new MOT or with over 6 months left
  • Check that your oil and water levels are topped up

All these things will get you a better deal from SELL US YOUR VAN


Sell Us Your Van can now offer to buy your CAR – as long as it is less than 6 years old with under 70,000 miles on the clock. Just complete the QUOTE form opposite >>>

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