Why choose Sell Us Your Van

Because at Sell Us Your Van we strive to ensure you receive the best overall deal when we buy van with the least possible hassle!

How will I receive my money

Once we have agreed a deal in person to buy your van, payment will be made into your bank account by Instant Transfer, or by Banker’s Draft, if you prefer.

Is my payment guaranteed

Payment is guaranteed by Barclays Bank PLC. Bank Transfers are instant, so you will be able to verify the deposit had been made with your bank straight away when we buy van.

What if I miss some imperfections on my vechicle

For us to buy van, please make sure that you complete the online form to sell your van as accurately as possible, as it is in everybody’s best interests that the information you submit is correct. If the online form is completed correctly, then our offer to buy your van is assured, but we do reserve the right to revise our offer if absolutely necessary.

What if I am not the registered keeper, i.e. the logbook is not in my name

If you are not the registered keeper, please note this on the online quote form and one of our advisers will be happy to discuss all these aspects of selling your van with you.

How do you know what my vehicle is worth

We combine many years experience in buying and selling vans and use various trade tools to gauge an accurate current market value to buy van. Just press the button below, fill out the form to sell your van.

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